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In the view of the team is the most important aspect of this method is the use of of an irradiated polyglactin 910 suture and a temporary stent. In this method, a complete external drainage of the pancreatic juice for about 2 weeks by approximating the by approximating the pancreatic fistula duct and the jejunal mucosa with this fast – absorbable suture. The VERSANT 440 Molecular System is a branched DNA is a system for flexible walk-away automation developed his single room technology and consolidated balance sheet, so that the system flexibility to fit anywhere place place in the clinical laboratory the VERSANT 440 system optimizes workflow by integrating bar code data collection, automated reagent processing, signal amplification detection, and a laboratory Information system interface for downloading patient work lists and results .

A 60 – year-old prostate cancer patient from Montpellier has dealt the first person in France having RapidArc technological from Varian Medical Systems will for rapid and precise shapes of the intensity-modulated radiation therapy . Each of his treatment in the CRLC Val D Aurelles – Paul Lamarque to of the city lasted only 75 seconds, several times quickly than conventional IMRT treatments. Pascal Fenoglietto, the hospital Chefarzt physics for a Scientific projects, presented the matter to colleagues in the Jahrestagung der German Society of Radiation Oncologists in Paris by the 12 to 14 Nov. ‘The treatment went very, and patient was pleased, because with traditional IMRT it was three times quicker compared,’said Dr. Fenoglietto. ‘We are now in a position the time we use to save in the treatment of for delivery to take more images and increase the quality our care. ‘ – ‘The radiation therapist also very pleased to with this technology, it is ‘provide a simpler method of for it, added Professor Jean-Bernard Dubois, head of Radiology and Oncology and Managing Director of the hospital.

In reaction, an experienced imaging specialist a professor Juhani Knuuti, spokesman European Society of Cardiology and former Chairman of ESC group Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT, emphasizes the following points.

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