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In the study, 200 were current smokers randomized to see a text-only warning label advertising, which was unchanged and used the Surgeon General’s Warning and the Federal Trade Commission testing information that on cigarettes appeared advertising since 1985, or a graphic warning label version which is a graphic and a warning with larger text, similar to what was suggested by the FDA approved in the U.S. To contain.

The research is published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences are. Weissman, the Virginia & D. Ludwig Professor for Clinical Investigation in Cancer Research at Stanford and a member of the Stanford Cancer Institute, is the senior author of the research. In 2010,toral scientist Stephen Willingham, and Jens-Peter Volkmer, are the co-first authors of the study.In this group, use the health system as a consequence from gastro-intestinal disorders was by 70 per cent by 70 %, says Magnus Simr n is? – All , our studies show that hypnotherapy is an effective way for treating IBS, even if outside specialists hypnotherapy centers of planned The inference is that hypnotherapy was both fuel consumption of health care and that cost for society, and to reduce. Hypnosis therefore belongs in the arsenal of treatments for IBS, says Magnus Simr?

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