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So they were never required on a diet or on a diet or count calories – they simply followed the same diet as their parents. 45 percent of children in these families were overweight. The results of the children’s study were remarkable: In the group of children who maintained a high – protein, low – GI diet the prevalence of overweight dropped spontaneously from approx 46 percent to 39 percent – a decrease of approx.. The children studyThe results of the children’s study was published in a separate article in the American journal Pediatrics.

About 70 – high GI 55-70 – medium GI below 55 – low GIhigh – GI still be healthy and vice versa. Carrots, for example, have a high GI , while a low GI chocolate . Fats help decrease the absorption of sugar in the blood, which means that high-carbohydrate foods and fat can have a low GI.Study researchers focuses on a low-energy windows light from said visible and the near infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is not seen by the human eye, but can be detected from the charged particles radioactive sources with very accurate optical cameras recording light energy. Researchers tested commonly used molecular imaging techniques agent be used to capture a number of biological processes within the body. Imaging agents can be used in the study include fluorine based and 18F-FDG Na18F, sodium iodide -based Na131I, yttrium-based 90 Y-Cl3 , and a labeled peptide 90Y, the tumors targeted.

The two instruments were associated by of study selected as a winner of the SNM Molecular Imaging Centre of Excellence Young Investigator Award in, as part the annual meeting introduced which SNM in Salt Lake City.

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