In support his contention that developing new proficiency testing programs is too difficult.

‘.. In support his contention that developing new proficiency testing programs is too difficult, CMS refers to its experience with Pap smears – that says it took 17 years from the passage of from the passage of CLIA a nationwide proficiency testing program. Said Peter Lurie, deputy director of Public Citizen Health Research Group: ‘The agency with his own story of bureaucratic incompetence as a basis for not moving forward on genetic testing That’s just absurd The excuse ‘ it’s too hard for us. ‘ is not acceptable the safety of the the safety of the patient coming.

The letter uses the word costs repeatedly, but not once did it mention health and safety. This is surprising for an agency to protect patients by ensuring laboratory quality charged. .. The petition was jointly filed in September 2006 by the Genetics and Public Policy Center, Public Citizen, and the Genetic Alliance. In addition to the petition, CMS has received letters from nearly 100 organizations, including health care providers, patients and industry , and demands that the agency to create enhanced genetic testing regulations. CMS responsibility for responsibility for ensuring the quality has has erroneously cost considerations above public health established, said Kathy Hudson, director of the Genetics and Public Policy Center.Researchers identified a receptor that for the treatment of cancer stem which dissolves the growth of stem cells in response to inflammation and tissue damage. A medicament was originally developed in order prevent organ transplant rejection units these receptors, death breast stem and prevent them metastasis in the mice, following the study.

Repertaxin in early in early phase of clinical study to rejection after an organ transplant to prevent in these studies appear side effects be minimal There are no reports of the use repertaxin the treatment of cancer.

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