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The investigation so far on mice allow to conclude that the injection of magnetic nanoparticles and the whereabouts of the particles at the place of injection work variably well . In some tumors, the scientists could find – 24 hours after the injection – the almost complete amount of nanoparticles in the cancer, whereas in other tumors only one quarter of the injected particles could be detected. Until now it was not possible to find a well-founded explanation for these different quantities of magnetic nanoparticles in the tumor. However, the result shows all the more how important it is to magnetorelaxometry be applicable to the heat treatment of cancer by nanoparticles in a position next to each other, the amount of particles the amount of particles in the tumor.

The study was 15th August in the journal Nature Neuroscience.Scientists have speculated that psychostimulant drugs permanent changes at synapses, species may result of the addictive behavior. When the researchers altered the expression of MeCP2, they noticed a proportional relationship. ‘The body can MeCP2 as a way to increase the reward threshold reset,’said West. ‘They reduce the sense of reward MeCP2 MeCP2. It could be the body to keep the compensation and the equilibrium. ‘ These studies show that MeCP2 in the process, through the use of amphetamines changes in both the structure and function of the brain is involved repeatedly said West.

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Research at the quality of the U.S. Resident proficiency is often accompanied by a lack of a control group and strict focus disease diseases and geographical areas. To gain added insight about the difference in the quality of care provided by physicians towards employees physicians, Boston Medical Center and Palo Alto Medical Foundation scholars provided the power of the physicians examines at 33,900 hospital-based outpatient visits the U.S.

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