In some patients with non-small cell lung cancer

In some patients with non-small cell lung cancer , the anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene may move and fuse with another gene cell fusion produces an enzyme cancer cancer cell growth . This fusion happens in approximately four % of NSCLC patients. The chances of a patient increases with the fusion gene, when they have the adenocarcinoma subtype of lung cancer or Non smoking or former light smokers and other features. These patients have an approximate 20 percent chance that this mutation. Crizotinib inhibits the enzyme, so that the cancer cells to die.

The work was funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health with encouragement from Vitiligo Support International, the Vitiligo Society, the National Vitiligo Foundation, the American Vitiligo Research Foundation and Associazione per la Ricerca Informazione Vitiligine. Vitiligo research at UF is supported by grants from the American Vitiligo Research Foundation.

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