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In recent months,es Camps as Tomas Heads for HaitiThe American Red Cross is making final preparations in Haiti for the arrival of Tropical Storm Tomas, which high winds strong winds and rain inflict on the island of already vulnerable population – including hundreds of thousands of people , the 12th Plan and tents since the earthquake of.

Knowing that hurricane season was approaching, the American Red Cross has reached tens of thousands of people in 22 camps in recent months, with activities such as digging drainage ditches, sandbagging hillsides and clearing escape routes. In addition, Red Cross volunteers have first aid training, are early warning systems and has conducted workshops for children on what to do when a storm threatens to teach.Researchers estimate that more than 100 enabled. Are made. You have a subject of immense research interest: In neurotoxins of researchers can different ion channels, receptors and other signal molecules and characterized Your targeted physiological functions.

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