In each of the two Phase 3 trials.

In each of the two Phase 3 trials, patients were randomized to one of three treatment groups: 1 mg / kg belimumab, 10 mg / kg belimumab and placebo groups intravenously on days 0, 14 and 28, then administered every 28 days for the duration the study. Receive all standard of care therapy in addition to the study drug. Safety and tolerability will be evaluated by an independent Data Monitoring Committee throughout both studies. Discovered. B.

SLE). LymphoStat – B is by HGS and GlaxoSmithKline under a co – development and commercialization agreement that developed in August 2006. We are excited by the potential LymphoStat – B further Assuming it is successful in Phase 3, we believe that LymphoStat – B could represent a breakthrough in the treatment of SLE, said H. Thomas Watkins, President and Chief Executive Officer, enrollment enrollment now completed in the BLISS-52 study, we are on the right way to our first phase 3 data for LymphoStat – B mid-2009, and all phase 3 data from autumn 2009.In numerous comparisons with other antidepressants did did unable to prove superiority. Moreover, been shown that patients dealt with Mirtazapin discontinued treatment frequently due to side effects as the patient handled having placebo and with several other antidepressant drugs. Moreoverpion: symptoms of completely disappears in some patients.. If compared with placebo there evidence that experienced in acute treatment more patients improvement of depression if it treated with mirtazapine should. The views of complete cure was no better in the the mirtazapine group a into the placebo groups. However, that aspect has been investigated in only 1 trial for Mirtazapin.

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