In an experiment.

In an experiment, participants were asked to the people in each pair of photos according to their. Attractiveness, competence, trustworthiness and sympathy among CEOs as competent as competent -looking and attractive than non – executives, however, CEOs were more likely than less trustworthy and less likable than the non-CEOs with whom their photos combined paired.

‘We wanted to see whether appearance also plays a role in the corporate executive level. Staged a variety of online experiments asking nearly 2,000 participants to assess photos of more than 100 CEOs and non – executives.. The study of finance professors John Graham, Campbell Harvey and Manju Puri of Duke University Fuqua School of Business conducted paired photos of CEOs of large and small companies with photos of non – executives with similar facial features, hairstyles and clothes. The researchers found that CEOs who appear competent earn more money than less competent-looking CEOs, even though appearance is not associated with measurable differences in the profitability of the company.During MRI offers exquisite morphological and functional details human tissue, same time PET continue examine human body at the level of cellular activity and metabolism. By its simultaneous data acquisition the innovative system will awaits prove to particularly valuable in the determination of neurology, oncological and heart diseases of diseases and in assisting the treatment plan. The Biograph mMR with new opportunities on research, as to development of new biomarkers and new therapies. Because regulatory restrictions its future availability of no country is no guarantee.. Biographer mMR a 3-Tesla magnetic resonance scanner and a built positron emission tomography detection system with an architecture than as one and has make of uncompromised of MRI and PET image quality.

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