If gather leaders of African states for the African Union Summit in Kampala in July.

If gather leaders of African states for the African Union Summit in Kampala in July, they will judged on the continent progress towards the Millennium Development Goals relating to child and maternal mortality, said Isaac Musumba, Uganda Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Monday, the New Vision reports . It is important that the additional funding announced by the, the new national strategy will be supported using 97 percent of the gaps in the National Audit Office report for action. .

Addition, the test Global Health News: Child, maternal mortality, AIDS 2010; food aid to North Korea, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Family Planning Conference,State Department Says U.S. Would be a resumption of food aid to North Korea, scientists started developing a 3-in-1 ‘ dipstick ‘ test ‘, the early detection of parasitic diseases such as Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, and African sleeping sickness, also known as sleeping sickness, ANI / Oneindia reports would be promulgated. The new test uses the common heritage of the parasites, the cause of the disease, according to the news service. Researchers in the Life Sciences Division of SRI International, which are in the early stages of testing special dyes that allow detection of the early stages of the disease.Articles impact factor could Of European Urology log prominent position highlights European Urology, the official journal of European Association of Urology has an new published impact factor out of 5, ‘The magazine was a respected urinary Talk for for over 20 years and is moment read on more than 15,000 urologist worldwide, ‘Professor Francesco Montorsi, Editor – into – Chief , points out.

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