If confirmed.

If confirmed, this will be the first case of SARS since January this year, than the authorities in Guangdong province confirmed infection in a 35 – year-old businessman and a 20 – year-old waitress. After the SARS outbreak, the WHO announced on 5 July 2003, five cases of SARS have been confirmed.

Testing is required reported in China WHOThe Chinese Health Ministry has today informed WHO of a suspected case of SARS. Investigation of the case, including extensive laboratory testing and tracing and observation of contacts is underway.Posters# 63 – III, December 2006.30 Clock-7: 00 clock. Science and clinical aspects of apoptotic cell defects to CLL and potential new therapeutic options which target apoptosis in a scientific symposium on Friday, December will be discussed: – of these lyrics abstracts can be consulted on the ASH website. This session titled ‘Targeting Apoptosis: The Next Generation of Cancer Therapy’contains the following presentation and speakers:.. ‘Complete’remission at chronic lymphatic leukemia has through the use of by the use of CT scanning relapsing or refractory disease.

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