HIV prevalence.

HIV prevalence, such as people with HIV / AIDS, 2003 increased to 06 nationally, while HIV incidence, defined as new HIV infections, defined stable.After Henry Ford study, patients receiving treatment for an STI in Henry Ford’s Emergency Department 2004-08 HIV screening sought with a fast antibody test. The test, administered by a finger stick for a blood test provides results for HIV infection in 20 minutes.

Efforts to better track HIV / AIDS prevalence and incidence, the CDC together with States, to establish a national system for estimating HIV incidence based on direct measurement of new HIV infections, closing a previous loophole for tracking the epidemic to implement. The agency says the new system, if present, clearest picture to date of HIV infection in the country. The new system, the CDC says it is targeted prevention as well as the advances in high risk groups.. The trial is 25-28 at the annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy and the Infectious Diseases Society of America presented in October in Washington DCin the hope stable.Sublingual immune therapy with bee poison is effective in patients of large local reactions Bee sting cake. Placebo-controlled study sublingual immunotherapy effective in respiratory allergies, and the good safety profile of is its main feature. It can hypothesized that the treatment of much use in insect venom allergy, however there has been no study on the aspects.

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