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GTx and Merck & Co . Are working together to develop Ostarine as part of a broader SARMs clinical development program SARMs are a new class of drugs with the potential for musculoskeletal conditions. Each year cancer cachexia and sarcopenia, loss of muscle mass resulting in reduced physical strength and activities of daily living activities of daily living Said Mitchell Said Mitchell S. Steiner, CEO of GTx We are encouraged by the results of this phase II study in patients with cancer cachexia, where Ostarine significant improvements in lean body mass in both treatment groups was cohorts encouraged . We look forward to further collaboration with Merck on the SARM program and to evaluate the full potential of our lead compound Ostarine in conditions such as cancer cachexia, sarcopenia and other muscle wasting conditions. .

The study also met the secondary endpoint measured of muscle function of a 12 – step staircase mountain performance test to measure speed and computing power, each Ostarine show treatment arm had a statistically significant average reduction in time to completion and average %age increase the power exerted. The change from baseline in stair climb in the placebo was 1 mg and 3 mg treatment groups, 0.23 watts , 4 watts and 10.1 watts (p= 0, each. Statistically significant decrease from baseline in stair climb time were also observed. No improvement in the speed or performance placebo group. Placebo group. There were no improvements in the endpoints of grip strength and gait speed.

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