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‘If the surgeons skilled enough to perform the operation can be performed without stopping the heart it high-risk patients who are not likely to first the the side effects of the traditional stopped heart method, ‘says Raja stendra kaufen . ‘For this reason, quality training for surgeons who want to offer this option to their patients are made available. ‘.

Performing surgery on a beating heart may be saferdone after a review of the latest clinical trials, coronary artery bypass grafting on a beating heart, without the aid of a heart-lung machine , is a safe option that leads to fewer negative side effects for bypass patients. This review in the Journal of in the Journal of Cardiac Surgery. It used to to perform frequently for physicians artery bypass surgery on the heart by the heart and the blood through a heart-lung machine, says author Dr. Shahzad Raja. But this process often leads to ‘ whole body inflammation, which include complications such as brain swelling, heart rhythm disorders and infections. After Raja, performing the surgery on a beating heart, while a technical challenge for the surgeon keeps these side effects low and allows for faster recovery.

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