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John Brash, director of the School of Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University, and distinguished university professor was 22nd for these contributions with the presentation of the Founders Award of the Society for Biomaterials April accepted in San Antonio. – ‘I am honored and humbled to receive this award , the caliber of past recipients,’said Prof. ‘It was a surprise when I was given the award known Much of the recognition of the many colleagues, and colleagues. Students I must have had the good fortune to work over the years to be shared. ‘.

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The new study examines the long-term subscriber in Holland Maastricht Aging Study who were free from neurological problems such than disease, Parkinson’s disease or stroke. As soon as participants were otherwise healthy, they recorded neuropsychological test including a screening test for disease, at the baseline and every three years thereafter for nine years. V The report concludes in September Neuropsychologie, was published by American Psychological Association, the subscriber were also given MRI scans Year 3 to seven different scheduled parts brain, including the reservoir – laden hippocampus, to regions about keyword, groups: one group and cingulate regions of the to measure cognitive critical the cortex.

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