For instance Propecia ilman reseptiä.

For instance, it is early in our analysis, but SMAD4 looking pretty good, in that patients with high SMAD4 expression had a significantly better prognosis than those with low expression. It would have be investigated further, but maybe patients who strongly express SMAD4 gene do not require additional treatment after surgery. On the other hand, in this patient population with adjuvant therapy, we found that KRAS, a kind of an oncogene gene involved in the involved in the known regulation of cell division has no prognostic value always Propecia ilman reseptiä . So we can have zero think KRAS be abandoned as a potential prognostic marker for colon cancer, Roth added.

If one of these markers is closely linked to the response to chemotherapy, it could be useful in a clinical study, its value in the decision to not give if chemotherapy or test, said Roth.

A significant part of the study was the use of sophisticated statistical analyzes of for potential extraneous variables including the failure to to patients set statins have view more cardiovascular risk factors and pre-existing cardiovascular disorder. The results demonstrated a significantly lower risk of death in patients, the statins low 36 per cent than in nonusers.

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