Experts more common in young than thought CPR can not restart the heart.

Experts more common in young than thought – CPR can not ‘restart ‘the heart, but it can keep blood and oxygen to arrive through the body of the victim until medical help. – ‘It is very pleasing to see that our efforts are paying off,’said Dr. Dianne L. To a pediatric cardiologist at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Some countries, like Italy and Israel. Binding electrocardiogram screening for young athletes The U.S. Is not one of them.

Drezner team other records Emergency Servicesand medical records, used to try to find out the cause of cardiac arrest each. – The results kept coming from a cardiac arrest database King County in Washington State. Rescue report all cases of cardiac arrest in the registry.In this study, adverse events have not increase in frequency during the trial. AEs were tells 95 per cent patients, mostly mild to moderate and transient in duration. The re-examination adverse reactions are headache , nasopharyngitis , contusion, weariness and nosebleed .

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