Especially in young animals of some species to deer.

– regeneration, damage the retina. Lose remarkable restorative powers of these lower vertebrates, and to develop through this understanding, strategies regeneration regeneration the human retina, ‘Reh said.. The same types of cells scar tissue scar tissue can in the spine create new cells in the retina of the eye, especially in young animals of some species to deer. The retina is a delicate light-sensitive membrane that transmits light signals to the brain , many eye diseases that lead to blindness, such as glaucoma and Salamanders can not get glaucoma because they easily regenerate retinal cells the same is true of newts, frogs, and some types of fish ‘We try as age-related macular.

While salamanders can retina cells to regenerate through her life, losing many other ways such with age. With age.’at some point in each type of life cycle make the stem cells in the retina of a transition from a regenerative cells into a single cell a scar in a scar in response to injury as the cells as the cells, the scars in the spinal cord, ‘Reh said.Corneal is the distinct tissues at the front of the eye in the in and helps focus optical on the retina of , so that we may see. Illness or injury corneal may be turbid and distorted way which. The loss of vision.

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