During the follow-up period the researchers found.

Compared to people without TNA Within 90 days of a focal TNA, the stroke risk was 3, The risk for people with non – focal TNA were 56 percent higher for stroke and 59 percent higher for dementia compared to people without TNA.. During the follow-up period the researchers found, – 848 cases of ischemic heart disease- – It 619 cases of stroke were 662 vascular deathsThose who had focal TNA had about twice as much risk for stroke and 2.6 -fold increased risk of ischemic stroke had.

Acute ischemic injury and myocardial infarction due to coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death among men in the Western world. Despite years of research the causes of ischemic heart disease are incompletely understood. The new studies by Professor Zhang research group at Loma Linda University clearly demonstrated in an animal model for the first time that ischemic heart disease in adulthood may originate through fetal programming under an adverse intrauterine environment.The U.S. Government CDC funding in order to develop TB vaccine study centers of India.

Financing used to prepare for the site later phase research one of the leading vaccine candidates have now developed administered out of Aeras , the leading cause of death for people with HIV / AIDS, TB is one of common infectious diseases globally the current available vaccine. Is nearly a century old and rarely protect the other side early childhood.

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