Doubled According to the National Institutes of Health.

Doubled According to the National Institutes of Health, the number of children who in the United States in the United States in the past three decades. Ently one child in five is overweight. The increase for children and youth for children and adolescents of all ages, races and for boys and girls.

Diseases that were previously seen only in adults, such as type 2 diabetes, are now occurring in ever in children, according to Lustig. Overweight children tend to be obese adults, which also makes them a higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke to be. Who are overweight and socially ostracized and bullied, put them at risk for depression and other psychiatric disorders, he adds. – Our current Western food environment has become very ‘ insulinogenic ‘ says Lustig, as by its increased energy density, high fat content was high glycemic index, increased fructose composition decreased fiber, and decreased dairy content. .‘The the National Science Foundation plant Genome Research programs funding projects like this to truly basic research to a fundamental questions such as the promotion ‘How does the ‘ ‘Bass said?. ‘The long-term benefits the NSF-funded research be at times unexpected but rare disappointing.

Joining the team at FAMU in College of Engineering Sciences in is technology sciences and agriculture a professor Oghenekome U. Onokpise which collaborated by Bass on prior NSF supported maize trial.

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