Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest is an essential tenet to good science.

Office of Unique Counsel recently forwarded for Congressional investigation information concerning alleged collusion between your CDC, FDA and pharmaceutical market to hide from the general public previous scientific results illuminating the dangers of Thimerosal in vaccines, and a pattern to dismiss independent study that made any such claims. ‘Given the reality that are coming to light, and their implications, one can understand the IOM, CDC and FDA’s stress and anxiety to contact an unprecedented halt to further analysis funding in this region,’ concluded Bernard.The authors add that these differences will require ongoing evaluation to make sure that policy decisions are responsive to medical coverage needs of children and family members. ‘While our findings suggest a top quality of insurance for children signed up for the Medicaid and CHIP applications relative to private insurance, it is important that concerns about specialty access aren’t overlooked,’ said Kreider. ‘There’s been an erosion in confidence about access to pediatric specialty care, and we need to understand why this is happening and respond accordingly.’ Rubin described that one way to ensure more comprehensive coverage for kids in private plans offered on the exchanges is always to require these plans to match the benefit and cost-sharing provisions that are mandatory in Medicaid.

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