Directly next to each other?

We also try to decode the molecular switch in T cells that controls this cell-autonomous switching means in response to external signals.. Klein and his colleagues are working on a study into unexplained aspects of regulatory T – cells: how negative selection, ie induced cell death and reprogramming can in regulatory T cells can be found both in the thymus gland, directly next to each other? Why are apparently the same trigger some cells to commit suicide while? At a transformation process in other re-educated largely popular hypothesis among immunologists in answer to these questions based on the fact that T cells only recognize their target structures when immune cells presented by other immune cells based, said Klein.

Young autoreactive T cells are re-educated very well in regulatory T cells. Under identical conditions, however, older T cells are fully activated and can cause damage they cause in a way to re-education. ‘We now want the molecular level, which is a T – cell accessible for reeducation to study,’said Klein, ‘because then it may be possible, even normal adult T – cells, an important requirement for and in large numbers can be obtained from converting blood Maybe they could then be used as regulatory T cells in the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Are diseases by uncontrolled autoreactive by uncontrolled autoreactive T cells. ‘.. Re-educated young and need the job: A second chance for dangerous T cellsof the immune system T-cells react to foreign protein fragments and are therefore crucial to the fight against viruses and bacteria.Famous general health benefits, maintaining an ideal body weight is and in the specific contexts of cancer prevention and improving prognosis of cancer patient is important. .. In an accompanying editorial also in Cancer Prevention Research, Michael Pollak, said that some big challenges pharmacology approaches to cancer prevention and / or treating of the to define underlying cause and to determine the relevance of those caloric restriction method comprising published. Pollak be Professor of Oncology from McGill University and the manager of the Cancer Prevention Centre at the Jewish General Hospital, both at Montreal. – This trial Does accumulating evidence to caloric reduction by modifying hormone instead outright starvation cancer power affects in particular lower levels of insulin at reduced food intake, respectively, and can be protect them.

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