Depending on region governor.

Depending on region governor, an estimated 155,528 people by the hurricane in a zone mainly of people from the Miskito, without a roof.eole ethnic groups inhabited affected. In addition, 9,809 houses were completely destroyed and 6,678 homes were left without a roof. Thousands of hectares of forest were torn down leaving dozens of communities cut off due to flooding and destruction of access routes. A total of 39 bodies have been identified so far 76 are expected to identify and dozens of people are still missing..

The affected areas were representatives of the United Nations, which saw first hand, extent of the disaster scale of this disaster. Then met with members of the Regional Autonomous Council, the support of the United Nations to respond to the emergency situation and provide the redevelopment of the region.This information was on with kind permission to the. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation you can move the entire the Emperor Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives and log on email supply in emperors health news.

Lee Aase, Mayo Top Social Media Guru told the the Wall Street Journal Sitemap Blog, ‘The real focus of is looking for ways Search by to use of social media in the practice the Mayo raise – for detailed information on patients delivered a much more complete manner, and the links between researchers, doctors and employees to create. Until now we had is the equivalent of a person and a half a working day by Public Relations Department, and we want that the same model for all the operating to take of the Mayo. We need the equivalent of approximately eight full-time employees including a medical director of ‘(Hobson.

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