Damage the mind.

Chemo drugs damage healthy brain cells According to new research chemotherapy drugs which are used to treat cancer, damage the mind viagra-og-cialis.html here . But the good news can be that the harm appears to be temporary. In two individual studies researchers have found that chemotherapy affected healthy cells in the brain and triggered short-term structural adjustments in the cognitive areas. A team at the University of Rochester led by Dr. Mark Noble, found that several types of key brain cells were delicate to the three drugs used for cancers: carmustine, cisplatin and cytosine arabinoside. They say this may explain such side effects as memory and seizures loss due to chemotherapy treatment.

Solid nutrition programs are good for our kids and good for our country. We congratulate the Senate upon this bold step forward and encourage House Leadership to capitalize on this unique opportunity to invest in the continuing future of our country by bringing this important legislation to the floor before September 30th. .. Child Nourishment Initiative encourages Senate for Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Statement from the Child Nutrition Initiative THE KID Nutrition Initiative commends Sen.S. Senate Agriculture, Nourishment, and Forestry Committee and ranking member Saxby Chambliss because of their hard work and commitment to move the bipartisan Healthful, Hunger-Free Kids Action , which includes already approved out of our home Education and Labor Committee beneath the leadership of Chairman George Miller .

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