CRN releases The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements The Council for Responsible Nutrition.

CRN releases ‘The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements’ The Council for Responsible Nutrition , the dietary supplement industry’s leading trade association, today released its comprehensive report, The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements . The updated book, which assesses the existing state of the research on the ongoing health advantages associated with select nutritional supplements, finds consistent and adequate usage of these products plays a part in general health and wellness throughout all age groups, lifestyles, and life phases . Specifically, the survey addresses the existing state of the technology regarding multivitamins and various other supplements, including antioxidants and C, calcium, long chain omega-3 essential fatty acids , vitamin D, vitamins B-6 and B-12, fiber and folic acid.

CSHL identifies specific stretch out of DNA that helps cancerous bloodstream cells to proliferate in AML A team of researchers at Cold Springtime Harbor Laboratory has identified a leukemia-specific stretch of DNA called an enhancer element that enables cancerous blood cells to proliferate in Acute Myeloid Leukemia , a devastating cancer that is incurable in 70 percent of patients. Just as important, the findings provide a mechanistic insight into what sort of new course of promising drugs – one version which is already in human scientific trials – appears to halt the growth of cancer cells so effectively. The research, today in Genes & Development and led by CSHL Assistant Professor Chris Vakoc showing up, centers on just how a cancer-promoting gene can be controlled.

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