China softens on one-child policy Zhang Weiqing.

China softens on one-child policy Zhang Weiqing, mind of China’s National Inhabitants and Family Preparation Commission, announced that the federal government will certainly reduce fines for low-income lovers who violate the country’s one-child-per-family plan, the Washington Post reports . China’s one-child-per-family policy seeks to keep carefully the country’s population, now 1.3 billion, at about 1 possible impotence treatment .7 billion by 2050. Ethnic minorities and farmers are the only groupings legally exempt from the rule nationwide. According to the family planning commission’s ‘Strategic Research Report on National Populace Development,’ the country’s birthrate has decreased from 5.8 children per woman in the 1970s – – when the one-child plan was implemented – – to 1 1.8 children per woman currently.


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