Cerus second-quarter product revenue for INTERCEPT Blood System increases 47 percent to $5.

Our technology is available to more and more patients now, stated Claes Glassell, president and ceo of Cerus Corporation. Regardless of the difficult global economic environment and weakening of the Euro, we continue steadily to add new customers and see solid demand for improved bloodstream safety. Latest HIGHLIGHTS: Five straight quarters of revenue growth – Achieved 47 percent calendar year over year development in sales of INTERCEPT; Improved gross margins to 51 percent and maintained historically low working expense levels; Announced INTERCEPT efficacy against XMRV, a retrovirus getting widespread interest; and Announced results of 22 abstracts presenting experiences with the INTERCEPT Bloodstream System through the XXXIst International Congress of the International Culture for Bloodstream Transfusion in Berlin, Germany..It will be wise to count the protein in what you eat in terms of grams. When calculating the full total amount grams of pure protein you should only include the complete sources of proteins rather than the derivative types. Element in grams of proteins in such foods as meats, eggs, fish and poultry and eggs while disregarding such incomplete protein sources such as rice, oats, bread and many other grain foods. If you are in quest of the alternative thought on proteins actually, one that works well and not simply theoretical, then it will help if you totally ignore the tips on proteins as given by RDA .

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