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Cereal companies spend nearly $ 156,000 a year marketing to children, staggering, the TV http://sildenafiluk.org . In addition, market extensively on the Internet, social media, packaging and in-store promotions. – This research shows how far have cereal companies to target children in almost everything they do away The total amount of breakfast cereal marketing to children on television and computer screens, and at their eye level in stores, with the combination appalling appalling nutrient profile of the crop is marketed staggering, said lead researcher Jennifer L. Head of marketing initiatives at the Rudd Center.

Are marketing exposure Key findings: – The average preschooler 642 cereal ads per year on television alone sees, almost all for cereals with the worst nutrition rankings. – Companies make heavy use of online marketing in the form of company-sponsored cereal website and advergames. General Mills ‘ websites Berry Mills. Averages 767,000 unique young visitors a month an average of almost an average of almost 24 minutes per visit, while average monthly Postopia.com nearly 265,000 young visitors. 8 percent Kellogg – the most frequent in-store advertiser average examines 33.3 promotions per store and 9.5 special displays for their children and family policy brands over the period of four weeks.

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Executive Director of UNODC See professional addresses increase in addiction in developing world.

Researchers also found that people who most prepared participate in in a screening if they had examined from their personal physician and symptoms of cancer. Cancer screening campaigns should an impact a change, whenever possible, and realize that be necessary for some population groups. ‘It is important to remove barriers certain subgroups of the population of the various kinds of Crab screenings identified,’says writer Nancy Kressin, director of the Healthcare inequalities Research Unit of and associate professor in the Section of General Internal Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine. This to the value in understanding the general attitude to the patient with respect cancer screenings generally collective common barriers to for future interventions. With this research, measures may be taken to educate this vulnerable population so that we Stadium cancer in its early treated when the disease is longer available to treating and curing, ‘said Kressin.

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