Caring for chronic diseases in a fragmented health care system Ed Wagner.

One promising choice, with growing ‘buzz,’ is normally a reinvention of general or principal care that Group Health has piloted and is definitely adopting at all its 26 medical centers: the Patient-Centered Medical House. At its heart is the Chronic Care Model. ‘The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is working to spread the Model and fortify the evidence for its impact on quality and costs,’ said Cindy Brach, MPP. The review’s other co-author, she is a senior wellness plan researcher at AHRQ, a federal agency in Rockville, MD. Financing from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the examine was supported simply by the AHRQ.. Caring for chronic diseases in a ‘fragmented’ health care system Ed Wagner, MD, MPH, knew there had to be a better way.Robin and Susan Richards founded The Chase Foundation in loving memory space of their son, Chase, who passed away shortly after his second birthday. Cancer took his existence, but in his last few weeks, Chase and his sisters could actually play, draw, be with other kids and just forget about his illness, if only for some minutes even, thanks to child life specialists. After Chase exceeded, the Richards family members dedicated themselves to assisting secure financial resources to see that every hospitalized child gains access to the Child Life program and its art, play, therapy and interactive programs.

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