Can Obamas Win Result in Meaningful HEALTHCARE Reform?

#13 End the drugging of our children with psychiatric drugs It’s time to end the horror of our children being mass-medicated with harmful psychiatric medications that cause violent behavior, suicides and school shootings. The industry of psychiatry generally is run by madmen who’ve been drugging our kids with dangerous amphetamines. ADHD is made up by Big Pharma to sell more drugs entirely. This chemical holocaust against our kids must be brought to an end. But what about prevention?Obama says he’s for buying ‘preventative’ health care, but as NaturalNews visitors know perfectly, that’s just a code phrase for plans of mass mammography, mandatory vaccinations and mental health screening which will only result in yet more people being harmed and killed by conventional medication.The trial, dubbed GOG-0218, enrolled 1,873 previously untreated females with advanced disease from 336 sites in four countries . The ladies were randomly designated to 1 of three treatment protocols: regular chemotherapy plus placebo, accompanied by placebo maintenance for an up to 10 extra months; standard chemotherapy plus bevacizumab accompanied by placebo maintenance; and regular bevacizumab plus chemotherapy accompanied by bevacizumab maintenance. The type and rate of recurrence of bevacizumab-associated unwanted effects were related to those observed in previous cancer research involving the medication.

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