California Department of Open public Wellness publishes cosmetic chemical database Well.

The California Safe and sound Cosmetics System collects this data and helps it be available to the public through their website or titanium dioxide and some with other nonaluminum ingredients. In my underarm deodorant search there were no brands shown that are commonly seen on Television commercials. It would appear that not all cosmetic suppliers are actually sending data to the CSCP site. Or possibly the CSCP is only concerned with reproductive or carcinogenic issue chemicals. They do have plenty of those detailed on a summary of toxins, but some of those come in product searches hardly. But when it involves underarm deodorants, your best bet can be to merely buy what labels are offered in health food stores that say ‘no aluminum.’ Actually, you’re just better off with less commercially advertised cosmetics, period.‘No barrier right now; lofty mountain to 1 riding the wind.’ – Sho Ka, 1991 ( All the best and could this be the very best year you will ever have yet!. Malignancy suppressor gene links rate of metabolism with cellular aging It is perhaps out of the question to overstate the importance of the tumor suppressor gene p53. It is the solitary most mutated gene in human tumors frequently. P53 will keep pre-cancerous cells in balance by causing cells, among other things, to become senescent – maturing at the cellular level. Loss of p53 causes cells to disregard the cellular signals that would normally make mutant or damaged cells die or end growing. In short, the p53 pathway is an obvious and attractive target for drug designers.

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