Caffeine-laden energy beverages pose hazards to adolescents Parents beware.

At the minimum, they become wired – simply as a grown-up would – and it may be problematic for parents to console them or calm them down, says Bruce Ruck, director of medication information and professional education for the brand new Jersey Poison Info & Education Program at Rutgers NJ Medical School in Newark. Kids also may have trouble falling asleep or experience tremors, stress, agitation, heart palpitations, vomiting or nausea. Of more concern, they may experience an instant heart seizures or price. Parents have to be aware of the risks and treat these beverages because they would a medicine.Supreme Court . The Associated Press: Appeals Court Deals Blow To Contraceptive Mandate Composing for the majority, Judge Janice Rogers Dark brown wrote that the mandate trammels the proper of free exercise – a right that lies at the primary of our constitutional liberties_as safeguarded by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. . Within an opinion dissenting from the court's main keeping in the case, Judge Harry T. Edwards wrote that legislative limitations may trump religious exercise.

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