Authors are Lucas Bernardes Miranda.

Burchiel, Department of Neurosurgery, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Oregon. The article and editorial are here online.. Neurological disease in older people with long-term post-treatment mortalityA thorough scientific articles in the Journal of Neurosurgery shows published that a fairly common condition in the elderly has a high mortality rate long after patients have experienced what is known as routine treatment. Chronic subdural hematoma in the elderly: not a benign condition analyzed the cases of 209 patients with chronic subdural hematoma .

– Sex: 132 men , 77 women – Mean patient age: 80.6 years – drugs: 48 patients received antiplatelet agents were , 31 received warfarin and 2 received both.-Treatment: Bur holes in 21 patients, twist drill section closed system drainage in 44, and craniotomies in 72nd An additional 72 patients received conservative, non-surgical treatment.Interestingly, consumers decided to remember which items existed were also for cheaper products, when consumers which had the opportunities from them chose higher price merchandise in the expectation that a higher price quality quality. The observed results are consistent with the idea that memory-based voting relative to longer is based by feeling reflection done while stimulation based are choices out quite view more out of cognitive and thought -based consideration , the authors explain.. In three experimental studies the scientists found in that conducted to come with Tools from said memory to view more impulsive decisions.

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