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The elderly have poor or limited ability to respond to new antigens, but good recall to antigens seen previously. For instance, the novel influenza A 2009 virus vaccine isn’t recommended for persons age group 65 and over because of prior exposure to other flu strains and presumed great memory space cell pools,’ Dr. Bellanti said. Nan-ping Weng, M.D., Ph.D., senior investigator, Laboratory of Immunology, National Institute on Aging of the National Institute of Health in Baltimore, Md., defines immune aging or senescence as ‘a reduced capability to mount a robust immune response, increasing the susceptibility to different infectious agents thereby, cancer and diseases in the elderly.’ Age-associated upsurge in CD28 – T-cells have been observed including a reduction in thymic output, a reduction in diversity and an increase in the real number of memory space and effector/storage cells.To assess this, the researchers formed two study groupings: the initial group included 40 individuals who had been diagnosed with gout based on the current presence of uric acid crystals within their joint fluid. The second group was comprised of 40 people with other types of joint disease and a negative joint fluid analysis. Researchers grouped participants with gout predicated on what joint was affected and how lengthy they had experienced symptoms . All participants with gout acquired dual energy CT scans of their affected joints, and a radiologist reviewed the total results of every scan – noting whether urate crystals were detected.

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