Associate professor of molecular and human genetics at BCM.

The proteins kinase A signaling pathway happens when the organism encounters starvation. The pathway enables the single cells to combine right into a multi-cell organism. We pretended we didn’t know the purchase of genes in the pathway, said Shaulsky. We were able to reconstruct the pathway from the microarray data. This means the microarray provides a good phenotype that’s quantitative. We can show that gene A comes before gene B and present mathematical support for these findings. It could be done with a microarray phenotype.I'm very happy that it’s now getting researched and defined.’ Niel works in a bookshop and can be an avid reader, but avoids books with vivid scenery descriptions because they bring nothing at all to brain for him. ‘I simply find myself going right through the movement of reading what without any image coming to mind,’ he said. ‘I have to go back and examine a passage in regards to a visual description many times – it's almost meaningless.’ Niel studied philosophy, which is certainly rich in visible imagery, but this factor was dropped on him. The true method he explains it, though, he does understand the mechanics behind it.

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