As claims consider abortion measures.

As claims consider abortion measures, Southern Dakota law becomes flashpoint The effects of this South Dakota legislation could be more political than practical, reports Politico, while people on both relative sides of the problem spring into action . The tactics vary: mandatory sonograms and anti-abortion counseling, sweeping limits on insurance plan, bans on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. To abortion-rights activists, they soon add up to the biggest political threat because the Roe v.

Dozens of villages have been marooned by the swollen Indus river, on Sunday which breached dykes in Hyderabad and Thatta districts, the Wall Street Journal reviews. Saleh Farooqui, director general of the disaster-management body in southern Sindh province, said, We have diverted our resources for rescue operations to the south. In the southern part of Punjab province, waters have receded. And people have started returning to their villages, the newspaper writes. Pakistani and international aid groups estimate that millions of dollars will be needed to help some nine million people displaced by the flood. Pakistan can ill afford the crisis, the AP notes, citing the country’s economy. International Monetary Fund [IMF] representatives will talk with Pakistani leaders this week to go over the floods and what the country must do to cope .

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