Apple juice calories may pose bigger risk: Experts Everybodys talking apple juice nowadays.

Apple juice calories may pose bigger risk: Experts Everybody’s talking apple juice nowadays, now that a new study found high levels of arsenic in some popular juice brands. PICTURES: Consumer Reviews spotlights arsenic, business lead in 10 juices But health experts are warning juice drinkers that apple juice can pose a different set of dangerous problems – because its loaded in calories women health . Despite the FDA considering new limitations on arsenic, nutrition professionals say apple juice’s genuine danger is to waistlines and children’s teeth. Apple juice offers few natural nutrients and is definitely loaded in calories from fat – in some cases, more than soda. ‘It’s like sugar water,’ stated Judith Stern, a diet professor at the University of California, Davis.

Apple to store your fingerprints in the cloud, ripe for NSA and hackers surveillance In the digital age group, when governments including ours are concerned about waging the next war increasingly, in large part, via the web, Americans’ constitutional right to privacy seems a quaint anachronism. Successive presidential administrations, and also Congress, may actually have ceded total control to the cleverness community with regards to deciding not when, but if, such protections are even warranted, and all in the name of ‘national protection.’ What’s worse, though, is certainly that American technology companies appear ready, capable and willing to help out with the constitutional usurpation; one such firm is Apple. Regarding to Business Insider, the tech huge and media business is considering a fresh technology that would enable storage of customers’ biometric data, like fingerprints, in the iCloud, ostensibly to enable ‘next-generation’ payment methods.

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