Aortic disease hard to diagnose Aortic disease kills nearly 15.

Aortic disease hard to diagnose Aortic disease kills nearly 15, 000 people in the United States each year, however the rarity and complexity of the deadly disorder produce accurately diagnosing it difficult for doctors in the health-care trenches, University of Florida researchers have found new treatment more info . UF surgeons who specialize in treating the disease studied the charts of 100 individuals who were transferred to Shands at UF infirmary with suspected aortic ailments and discovered that about one-quarter of them initially had been misdiagnosed, delaying treatment for a few and sending others in to the operating area needlessly.

The research also showed that whether a relationship was the couple’s 1st or a remarriage did not affect their levels of physical enjoyment and emotional satisfaction. The study is component of a small but growing body of research on the sexual behavior of older adults. Racy PSA warns seniors about STDsFor the scholarly study, researchers from Louisiana Condition University, Florida State University and Baylor University analyzed data on marriage and sexual behavior from 1,656 married adults ages 57 to 85, using data from the 1st wave of the National Public Life, Aging and Health Project. They observed that while they do find a tiny surge in the sex lives of people after 50 years of marriage – – the actual number of couples which make it to that milestone is normally small.

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