Antioxidants ineffective against Alzheimers?

Antioxidants are also thought to have a protecting benefit against malignancy and heart disease. The new study viewed 78 patients with moderate to moderate Alzheimer’s disease who had been split into three groups, among which received the antioxidant cocktail. The researchers took cerebrospinal fluid samples from the patients and noticed no difference in the amount of tau proteins and amyloid plaques – human brain markers of Alzheimer’s – between patients in any group. In fact, people taking antioxidant supplements showed a faster decline when tested on the cognitive abilities. The finding raises a caution and indicates that cognitive performance would have to end up being assessed if a longer-term clinical trial of this antioxidant combination is known as, the authors wrote in the scholarly study, released in the March 19 issue of Archives of Neurology.Or aiming two unlike poles at one another: they attract. But, as the MRI field is a lot stronger, it's the catheter that techniques. And, because the areas encircle the catheter, it could move and down up, not laterally just. Nicole Seiberlich, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering, has already created the technology to find images in the body 10 situations quicker than what's commercially available, without sacrificing the clarity for which MRI's are renown. She and co-workers will continue to increase the speed, enabling a doctor to clearly start to see the landscape inside the center in three dimensions in real time.

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