Announced today that preclinical data on two of its oncology programs.

Angiochem to highlight oncology system data at 101st American Association for Cancer Research meeting Angiochem, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology organization developing drugs that are uniquely with the capacity of crossing the blood-brain barrier through LRP targeting, announced today that preclinical data on two of its oncology programs, ANG1005 and ANG1007, for the treatment of brain cancers, along with data demonstrating the utility of Angiochem’s EPiC system to achieve efficient penetration rates in the mind and in cancer tumor tissue, will end up being highlighted at the 101st Annual conference of the American Association for Tumor Research 2010, 17-21 April, in Washington,, Exhibit Hall A-C, Poster Section 22, Poster Table 6 Abstract #3578: Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, New Angiochem-altered doxorubicin with increased human brain penetration and efficacy against mind tumors, Demeule,, Exhibit Hall A-C, Poster Section 24, Poster Plank 26..The company says Lawnlift can be a naturally occurring pigmented dye that’s 100 percent safe for the surroundings and 100 percent biodegradable where as [sic] the other guys sell and apply toxic latex paint which will choke out any potential for life and is not safe for anyone to perform on! Then again, I’ve seen natural protein companies make all sorts of false and deceptive claims on their own labels, as well. By default, I don’t trust businesses that won’t disclose their substances. The Disneyfication of FakiforniaSpray painting lawns green is the perfect metaphor for what’s occurring in California at every level. It’s the Disneyfication of the condition, where from politics to public health policy has collapsed right into a state of total theater and desperate fakery.

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