And perhaps millions of Americans aswell.

If government checks stop it will mean the destruction of retirement plans and savings accounts and if you don’t hold it you won’t have it. Planning the big getawayThe positioning appears to have already begun, at least among the world’s elite. As NaturalNews has previously reported, the super-wealthy have started buying up properties in remote locations such as for example New Zealand and elsewhere as a bug out destination for when the unrest comes. Contained in the buys are landing strips, homes and land in remote control areas of remote countries where they believe they shall be safe and sound from the masses.These techniques are great for stretching and stimulating your muscle tissues between intense workout routines also.

Canopus BioPharma research confirms efficacy of CB008 drug for Ebola Virus inhibition Canopus BioPharma Inc. today announces that it has finished crucial study in confirming efficacy of a prescription medication: CB008 for Ebola Virus inhibition. Laboratories at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio Texas have demonstrated comprehensive in-vitro inhibition of the live Ebola Virus stress Zaire at concentrations of CB008 that are achievable by oral administration.

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