AMS is working with a select group of doctors.

AMS is working with a select group of doctors, Centers of Excellence in all of Japan, which develop as a resource and training centers for doctors in the implantation of the AMS 800 are interested. In a next step, AMS aims to get national reimbursement through the MHLW Insurance Bureau. – ‘We are very grateful to the Japanese Urological Association and Japanese Neurogenic Bladder Society for recognizing the importance of the off,’said Ryan. ‘AMS is committed to working with our identified Centers of Excellence as we strive to offer this product to every Japanese patients whose quality of life could be improved with the use of this technology..

The AMS 800 is in almost 30 years used to restore urinary continence in almost 130,000 patients around the world. The long-term safety and efficacy of the AMS 800 have it. The gold – standard treatment for moderate to severe stress urinary incontinence , which may be an unfortunate side effect of prostate cancer surgery Conducted a recent survey of the Japanese Urological Association approximately 16,000 radical prostatectomies were performed in Japan in 2004.Worsening symptoms of the depression, unusual changes in behavior , or suicidal thoughts, experience, especially at the beginning the treatment or after a change in dose.. Duloxetine, were randomized to class of drugs that is commonly referred as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor 5 is to approved in over 70 countries for the treatment of depressions. The possibility of an increased risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior in children and young adults is treated with antidepressants -.

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