Although we do not know if this puts them at risk for problems down the line

We are concerned that the problem of too little sleep extends even to the youngest members of the family, although we do not know if this puts them at risk for problems down the line, says Acebo more info .

-under 5 sleep less than the recommended amount of time, U.S.While it is widely reported, was that older children, adolescents and adults are not getting enough sleep, it turns out that younger children could be sleep deprived as well. A study by researchers at Bradley Hospital and Brown Medical School finds that children less than 5 get less than the recommended amount of sleep.

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Serotonin is an brains neurotransmitters for for the development and treatment from depression and chronic anxiety, Service ie of reasons still unknown, much more frequent in women than among men. One research group Karolinska Institutet has now shown with an PET scan that women in terms of in terms of the number of binding site for serotonin in certain parts of of brain.

. observes While cardiovascular diseases much complex nature and because of all causes include bans on smoking surely who reducing the coronary events causing This is consistent having which the reduction of pollution in enclosed public places, declares Roberto Ferrari, President Elect to the of the ESC to.

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