Also in Global Health news: PEPFAR in Swaziland.

Also in Global Health news: PEPFAR in Swaziland; GSK HIV patent pool; Pediatric ARVs in Uganda; PNG declares health emergency; Israeli, ECOWAS contract; Somali children PEPFAR Donates Computers To Swaziland’s Ministry of Wellness PEPFAR on Wednesday donated eight computers to Swaziland’s Ministry of Wellness to aid in the country’s capability to track the improvement of the nation’s HIV/AIDS applications, the Swazi Observer reviews. Based on the newspaper, the computers will become distributed to regional treatment centers in the united states . GlaxoSmithKline Spokesman Defends Company’s Placement On Patent Pools For HIV In Guardian Letter-To-The-Editor In a Guardian letter-to-the editor, Chris Strutt of GlaxoSmithKline responds to the newspaper’s recent protection of the GSK’s placement on a patent pool for HIV medicines improve sexual performance .

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Alpha-fetoprotein, a well-tolerated agent for treatment and avoidance of breast cancer Researchers have discovered that hormones produced during being pregnant induce a protein that directly inhibits the growth of breast cancers. This proteins, alpha-fetoprotein , may serve as a viable, well-tolerated agent for the prevention and treatment of breasts cancer, according to findings published in Cancer Avoidance Analysis, a journal of the American Association for Cancers Research. ‘Hormones in being pregnant, such as estrogen, all induce AFP, which inhibits the growth of breast cancer directly,’ said business lead researcher Herbert Jacobson, Ph.D., who is a basic breast tumor researcher in the Center for Immunology and Microbial Diseases and in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Albany Medical College, N.Y.

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