All the more technology.

Women under 60 who have had a myocardial infarction seem to be particularly vulnerable to depression. In one study, the prevalence of depression in women aged 60 or younger 40 % compared to 22 % for men in the same age group.

Hadada find a potential treatment to prevent diabetes and obesityA molecule called interleukin-6 new doors new doors for the creation new drugs against obesity and diabetes. Had formed, these are the conclusions of an international project that of researchers from of researchers from Vita gene, a company that is part of the campus program of the University of Granada and is located in the Technological Park of Health Sciences has.All the more technology. On work Named Bothers more women than men.

Women longer psychological distressed upon receipt of Send-mails or calls on working home at home as men, explorer by the University of Toronto written into Journal of Health and Social Behavior. That results of their findings surprised few people who intended women were from between home and workplace tasks of modern technology.

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