About Epi 13Epi 13 is a the bodys natural the bodys natural regulatory T cells http://cialisnorge.org.

About Epi – 13Epi – 13 is a the body’s natural the body’s natural regulatory T cells http://cialisnorge.org . When administered in conjunction with other antigens or protein immunogens, the reaction such these changed when the changed if the antigen / immunogens is administered with Epi-13. Preliminary in vitro and in vivo studies indicate that the modification of the immune response induction induction of the natural T reg cells.

Temple University University Services Bldg.1601 301 North Broad St. Philadelphia,To be developed Diabetes Drug By EpiVax Use JDRF Program FundingEpiVax, a leader in the field of computational immunology, announced that it received funding from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation , the world’s largest charitable donor Type 1 diabetes research to develop Epi-13 , a novel therapeutic for the prevention and treatment of type I diabetes, a devastating and chronic autoimmune disease, which up to three million Americans against each other. – JDRF provides EpiVax $ 351,000 for a year, to provide a first proof – of-principle for the drug, which focus on the natural regulatory T cells and their protective role in diabetes patients. The studies are expected to show that the drug harmful immune responses reduces insulin-producing cells, preserving the ability of the body its own insulin its own insulin. – JDRF to support research opportunity to accelerate opportunity to accelerate the proof of concept and commercial development of an immune-based therapy for type 1 diabetes, said Anne De Groot, JDRF, thet and CEO of EpiVax. We hope that it is possible for people living with diabetes to reduce insulin dependence and live longer with fewer symptoms. When antigen-specific tolerance remains be a major goal area in Autoimmunity for JDRF, the proposal from EpiVax a novel approach potentially generate potentially generate or restore immune regulation in type 1 diabetes is, said Teodora Staeva – Vieira Director of the autoimmunity program at JDRF.

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