About Agile Therapeutics amoxicillin over the counter uk.

About Agile Therapeutics,Agile Therapeutics is a high – growth, late-stage pharmaceutical company specializing in women’s health products OB / GYNs with an initial focus decreed on developing safer, more convenient methods of hormonal contraception. Agile is a privately held amoxicillin over the counter uk . Totaling $ 35 million venture funding with experienced and dedicated healthcare investors, including ProQuest Investments, The Hillman Company, TL Ventures and Novitas Capital For more information.

About AG200-15, Agile low-dose contraceptive patch. AG200-15 is a low-dose technique with SKINFUSION, weekly contraceptive patch, which is in phase 3 development with a clearly defined regulatory pathway SKINFUSION technology makes it possible to hormone combination hormone combination levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol in a contraceptive patch. AG200-15 Phase 2 development has been completed and met all target endpoints, including providing estrogen dose, ovulation suppression and side effects similar to low-dose oral contraceptives. The patch was flexibility and convenience.

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