A fresh study cautions.

We found the dose was reduced by more than half when we used our process for assessing pulmonary embolism in pregnant or young sufferers, , stated Dr. Litmanovich. The standard thoracic CT and the pulmonary embolism protocols also resulted in the highest radiation dosages to the lung, Dr. Litmanovich said. The lung received the best organ dose whatever the protocol, while pelvic radiation was low regardless of the protocol, she said. Despite initiatives to lessen radiation dose, irradiation of the lung and breasts remain substantial, said Dr. Litmanovich. The study emphasizes the necessity for caution when we are organizing our CT protocols, she said.. Change in CT protocols could decrease radiation dosage to the lungs and breast Carefully consider rays dose to the breast and lungs before deciding which CT protocol to use for thoracic imaging of individual patients, a fresh study cautions.Mental disturbances are also considered as one of the major reasons for the excess weight loss daily and therefore these troubles may also be successfully corrected through these organic capsules for weight and muscle-mass gaining.

Attaching new cytokine to neural stem cells produced from bone marrow kills mind tumor cells Attaching a recently uncovered cytokine to neural stem cells produced from bone marrow, researchers in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute are suffering from an instrument to track and destroy malignant mind tumor cells and offer long-term security against their return. Outcomes of an animal research are released in the March 1, 2006 problem of Cancer Analysis, and the experts are now deciding on regulatory organizations to translate their function into human scientific trials.

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