A first-of its-kind autism genetics consortium formed the project started in 2002.

Thanks to the more than 100 autism genes, it may explain why different people show different symptoms. Results of the study also found that people the autism spectrum disorder have either no or extra copies of multiple genes are important in the development and function of the brain.. The Autism Genome Project – the largest of its kind – consists of 120 scientists from more than 50 institutions from 12 countries, a first-of – its-kind autism genetics consortium formed the project started in 2002, when researchers from around the world came together their samples, data and expertise to facilitate the identification of autism susceptibility genes shares.

The results of the study will to to assist the health care workers who would unable to to treat autism with behavioral and educational interventions but welcome better treatment and diagnostic tools.This study reveals a potential new approach in controlling and myelofibrosis goal, said senior author Ravid. This discovery will further research in the field of leukemia, Allee pursue a new avenue with the potential of on developing new treatments to the disease. .

Previous research has shown that the enzyme is lysyl Left and stabilizing the extracellular fibers of , but so far, a treatment at an inhibition of formation was not aligned from these fiber to be successful. Ravid team demonstrated to inhibiting that enzymatic of pharmacologic agents done to a substantial reduction in loading of myelofibrosis.

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