30 to 12 Wednesday.

11.30 to 12 Wednesday, February Lecture: Can architecture make a difference in people’s lives? Speakers include Dr. Ann Nobel, Chair of Architects for Health and Professor Ray Moss, Goodman Research Fellowship, Imperial College. Meeting program:.

17:30 to 07 February debate: The medical profession has a major threat to the health – myth or reality? Medicine is more important than health? health careresulted in an emphasis on the treatment of illness to the neglect of public health and an increase in irresponsible behavior? Meeting program:. All the sessions at the RSM, 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE, are held, unless otherwise stated.The Memory Disorders Program implementation of several clinical trials in patients in the early stages of dementia of Alzheimer’s disease. Depending on of the person health condition, he or she may skilled and wish to participate in other trials. To learn more about these and other studies visiting memory.georgetown.

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